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Here at Moo Dog Training we truly believe that a happy and rewarding partnership with your dog is one of life's best rewards. 


Guiding and watching our partnerships learn how to communicate with each other brings us so much joy.


We believe that using positive & reward based training techniques is the best way to help our dogs learn and understand what it is we want to see from them.


Moo Dog Training is run by Lillie Abbott a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor, ABTC Animal Training Instructor, TCBTS Dog Training member and full member of the ISAP and Author of Moo of a Dog! Turning your tenacious teen into a chilled out fido (available now on Amazon).

Using only science based, positive and motivational techniques to train dogs (after all no one wants to work for free!) 


Training all dog's with a particular interest in those boistoerous teens that really want to push your buttons!

Moo of a dog! Turning your tenacious teen into a chilled out fido!

Did you wake up one morning wondering where your loveable fluffball had gone? Had someone come in over night and swapped them for a moo of a dog!

You are sure trained this dog! No one told you that suddenly overnight your dog would turn from a well behaved friend to a tyransorous pooch!

Congratulations and welcome to the club! You have won the prize of a tenacious teen pooch!

But don't panic it does get better if you're willing to put the work in. It's a natural part of life for your dog but my oh my how they can test you!

Learn how to understand your tenacious teen, Motivate, Observe and Optimise your training through science backed, reward & positive based training techniques to turn your cow of a dog into a chilled out fido!

A qualified dog trainer Lillie loves a tenacious teen! She loves their spark for life, their ability to question everything and to push buttons you didn't even knew existed.


Lillie has been helping dogs and their humans for over 20 years and loves to help dogs and their two legs to find their harmony again

Lillie is an accredited dog trainer KCAI CD, ABTC ATI, TCBTS & ISAP

Get your copy of my book 'Moo of a dog! Turning your tenacious teen into a chilled out fido' here

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"Lillie is friendly, knowledgeable and doesn't make you feel like you are under any pressure. She shows you how to train your dog in a relaxed atmosphere at your dog's own pace" 

"Lillie is helpful and knowledgeable! She works with you to get the best results out of you and your dog(s) using positive training methods. There's never any pressure and everything is at your own pace. Without Lillie's help me and my dogs wouldn't be where we are now! Thank you Lillie for your continued support and guidance" 


"Can't recommend enough. If you want a 5* service this is the place for you. Relaxed, atmosphere is fantastic. Both dogs and handlers learn so much from one to one lessons with this lady. Amazing service, amazing patient caring lady" 

"Lillie has provided us with so much advice since we got our first dog unexpectedly, and then supported us as we added a rather boisterous pup to our pack. She has shown us ways to get results without stressing the dogs and has been happy to adapt training to suit our pair using only positive reinforcement and never needing a firm hand to gain human control! Both also love a fuss and treat from her!" 


Training of the highest standard from someone who truly loves and understands dogs at all stages in their lives. I would recommend Lillie to anyone who needs a helping hand, advice and understanding that sometimes our best friends can be flipping difficult!

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