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NO Walk? No Problem!

We can't always walk our dog's and for those days we have enrichement!


Does your dog get the same food every day? 

Does he get bored and turn to look for something to entertain him (maybe chew on a shoe, settee etc)

Have you tried enrichment with your dog?

It’s really easy to do and will use your dogs brain power too! 

10 minutes of enrichment is equivalent to a long walk 

I’m not saying don’t walk your dog but if your stuck for time or you or they are having a bad day then try some enrichment with them 

It’s even better given when your off out (as long as you have fully supervised them previously and you know they can do it safely on their own)

Toys with nooks and crevices like those in the photo above are a great way to feed your dog their dinner

Fill the little compartments with their kibble and some primula cheese (or of raw fed like mine fill with their meat and then freeze it) 

It takes mine a good half an hour to get through theirs and by the end of it they are physical and mentally exhausted and satiated making for a happy dog and relaxed owner 


Did you know that your dog has a phenomenal nose!

Let them sniff it’s how they pick up their ‘pee mail’

Dogs can pick up scents that have been there for weeks, the scent tells them who has been around in their neighbourhood, what they have been up to, how they are feeling and many many other bits of information

Imagine not being able to catch up with the world on social media, email, or on the phone frustrating? You bet! 

When you go on a walk with your dog remember your out for a walk with your dog, put your phone away, take your headphones out and enjoy the walk just you and your dog

Let them sniff and take in the world around them, after all most dogs only really get to sniff in their back garden and hey that’s not much fun

And guess what! Sniffing is naturally calming to your dog and helps to use up their excess brain power so a good idea all round

Can’t get out for a walk, no problem use their dinner. Leave the dog in the house for a moment and take their dinner out of the bowl and throw it in the garden (not just a big heap) scatter it the grass (kibble, tinned or raw) then let your dog out to forage for their dinner 

Not only do they have to sniff to find their dinner but they are also using up some of their natural behaviour reserves (those with scent dogs such as beagles this is great for you) this works for any dog and can help to tire them out, it’s brilliant if your dog is on rest after an operation too to exercise their brain

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