About Me

The Team

I have been helping, supporting, coaching and training owners and their dogs for the last 7 years professionally and I love every minute of it.


I am proud to be a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Companion Dog Training and a volunteer trainer for Dog Assistance In Disability (Dog A.I.D) 

Having had dogs since I was 11 I have dealt with most problems along the way from puppy teeth that feel like your hands are being tattooed to coming home to no door, table, freezer (it’s a long list!). My experience is backed up by years of professional training and academic studies and continuous professional development. 

I now have four dogs (soon to be five). Three German shepherds x German pointers and a long coated black German shepherd and oh my how the youngest has tested my skills! 

If I am not working with my dogs or pony Ethel you will find me studying...I love to learn new skills and even more so love teaching new skills to dogs and their humans

Kennel Club Accredited Instructor Companion Dogs (KCAI CD)


Learn together

My older boy Lazarus as seen in the picture has taken me on such a learning curve and I truly believe we all learn something new from each of our dogs.


That has never been truer than with my big boy Ezekiel, but what a journey we have been on and continue to be on (yep it’s true even us professionals find it hard sometimes and have to ask for help, you are not on your own!)

So if you want to learn how to have a relaxed and happy home that you and your dog(s) can share together get in touch with Moo Dog Training

Did you know I am also:

*A1 Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme (KC GCDS) Examiner (up to and including Gold)

*Level One and Two Dog Parkour UK Instructor and Level One Examiner

Watch this space for new and exciting courses coming soon! 

Learning together with your dog and Moo is a great way to build your bond with your dog and a great way to learn new skills!