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Moovellous offers!

Who doesn't love to save money!

Each has been tried and tested by the one and only Ezekiel (and Lazarus and Vier and Itsy and Ignatius) 

Providing Everything You Need

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Play is one of the best ways to bond with your dog.​Tug-e-nuff are hand finished in the UK and me and Ezekiel can vouch for just how amazing these toys are! ​Want 10% off? Of course you do! Just click on the picture or visit and use code 'Moo'

Tug-E-Nuff Toys

Touchango Toys

Touching toys come with 30 years experience to bring you your dog's favourite toys ​It's simple, if my dogs won't play with them I won't recommend them! So you know these will be a real hit with your dog

To save 10% click on the picture below and enter coupon code 'Moo' 


South West Agility 

Producing the highest quality dog toys and head collars all of the interactive toys are handmade in Cornwall. 

Click the picture above to get 10% off your first three orders!

Butternut Box

A fresh take on dog food delivered direct to your door!​Gently cooked, human grade quality ingredients ​With free UK delivery​Claim your first two boxes with 50% off by clicking on the button below or visiting


Celebrate your achievement! Notch is the original mark of achievement that is personalised to you

Wear your doggy achievements with pride, choose from Moo Dog Training pre-set notch (find us in the doggy hashtag range) or personalise your own notch

To get 10% off your order (it doesn't have to be Moo related) go to and use discount code 'MOODOGNOTCH10' or click on the picture above

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