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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Positive Dog Training?

Positive based training means I will never ask your dog to work for free, Moo Dog Training is reward based (after all how long would you go to work if you didn’t get paid?)

No harsh handling, yanking on your dog’s lead or going ‘hands on’ to make them do what you want. 


Because let’s be honest here it’s really not a nice way to do things is it! 

How would you like it if every time we were out for a nice walk in the park together and you walked slightly ahead of me I yanked on your neck or prodded you to say ‘hey’ I’m talking to you! I’m pretty sure you would soon get fed up and refuse to ever go to the park with me again, i know for sure I would get pretty angry and despondent really quickly!

Giving your a dog a treat won’t mean that they will only ever work for a treat or that you are bribing them to do what you want (technically yes this is what we are doing but so is your boss to get you to go to work) but it’s more about ‘here have a treat, you did that really well. Thanks’ 

We all like to be rewarded when we have done something well and when we are rewarded, we are more likely to do it again, the same goes for dogs. 

What type of dogs do we train?

Simple! All dogs of all sizes

(The only caveat is I don’t work with ‘banned breeds’)

Why not banned breeds?

Because it is illegal (without a court order and specific sanctions) to own, breed, buy or sell a dog that is listed (or a mix of) the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. 

What does Moo Dog Training do differently to others in the same industry?

There are many ‘dog trainers’ out there but the difference with me is that I have spent (errrr well let’s just say I could have a nice new car or two or three!) on education and hands on experience to be the best dog trainer I can be. 

I have spent more hours learning my trade than I have anything else in my life as my passion is and always has been making life better for dogs and their owners. 

I am the only local Kennel Club Accredited Instructor for this area, this alone has taken me many years to achieve through learning theory and understanding how your dog works and how to apply this hands on with dogs and people. 

I am not just a dog trainer I am also a person trainer after all this is a partnership and one can’t function well without the other so yep I will be training you as much as your dog (let’s be clear here, I am here to teach you how to train your dog. I am not here to train your dog for you.

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