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Moo Dog Training taking your #cowofadog to a #chilledoutfido

Does it feel like you have a cow of a dog? 

Do they ignore you? Do they go out of their way to annoy you? Do you swear they chew your prized possessions to get back at you? 

Do you have a teenager on the end of the lead (or showing my age do you like me have a Kevin or Perry on the end of the lead?) 

If so this is where I come in. 

You see it’s hard when you don’t speak the same language but I can teach you how to speak dog and how to build a loving, positive relationship with your dog. 


Do you want a dog that fits in easily with your life, who you can go on walks with and who settles nicely at home whilst you relax together? If so, there is never a better time to start training, socialisation and enrichment with your puppy or dog. 


Moo Dog Training offers face to face personalised training along with online courses that you can take part in at your own pace and online one to one training sessions.

When your puppy / dog is ready to start obedience training out and about you can arrange one 2 one sessions where we start to venture outside and around your local area. 

During these sessions I will teach you and your new puppy/dog how to walk to heel, come back to you when you call their name, lean about enrichment for when you are away from the house and how to keep them entertained without overdoing the physical exercise. 

You can also choose to take part in the Moo Dog Training levels to show how far you have come from puppy to adult these levels will show you how your hard work has paid off. 

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